Product Testing

The large range of different applications for plastic products sets different requirements on the quality and safety of the products. Due to its extensive technical equipment and experienced staff, the SKZ test laboratory can test a wide variety of products regarding their quality, properties and usability.

We test the following products for you:

Plastic piping systems

  • Pressure pipes and fittings for gas and water applications HDPE (PE 100-RC, PE 100, PE80, PE63), U PVC
  • Pipes and fittings for hot and cold applications PP-R, PP-RCT, PE-X, PB, multilayer composite pipes
  • Sewer pipes and fittings PP-H, PP-B, U-PVC, HDPE
  • Drainage pipes HDPE, MDPE

Products and materials in contact with drinking water

Plastics and other organic materials (silicones, elastomers) und products (e.g. pipes and fittings for drinking water supply).

Metallic materials and products (fittings for drinking water supply)

The test for product hygiene suitability is conducted according to evaluation criteria and guidelines of German Environment Agency (UBA-BWGL):

  • Requirements for composition (evaluation of formulation/raw material recipe)
  • Basic requirements
  • Additional requirements
  • Formulation specific requirements for individual substances
  • Requirements concerning the enhancement of microbial growth (DVGW W 270 and DIN EN 16421, method 2)


  • Geomembranes (HDPE Liner)
  • Nonwoven geotextiles (GTX-NW)
  • Geofabrics (GTX-W) and geomeshes (GTX-K)
  • Geogrids (GGR)
  • Geonets (GNT) and geomats (GMA)
  • Geosynthetic synthetic geomembranes (GBR-P)
  • Geosynthetic clay liners (GBR-C)
  • Geocomposites for drainage (drainage mats, GCD)
  • Geosynthetics for erosion control (GEC)
  • Products for green roofs

Window profile systems

U PVC window profiles

Sealants and elastomers

Foils and sheets

Components and packaging for dangerous goods

Sports products

Respiratory protection masks