SKZ Customers Quotes

George Guisti
Site Manager
ACTION International Services LLC

The SKZ course has been a tremendous help to myself and my fellow colleagues! At Action we have done over 60km of HDPE pipe welding and have done numerous courses on HDPE and how to use the equipment.

After doing the SKZ course we have changed our entire operation and it has also speed up our whole operation saving time and money!

The SKZ course is very entertaining and the fact that you are doing all the work and welding yourself is great fun, very hands on and teaches you all the inn's and outs of all the different welding techniques.

I would highly recommend that you send your employees to this course to get you started

Andrew Wedgner
Application Marketing Manager
Borouge Pte.

I’ve been working on the design and construction supervision of polyethylene pipelines since 1993, but never got the opportunity to receive an formal welding training myself. The 5 day training course with Ben at the SKZ training centre in Dubai finally gave me the chance to get some hands on training and to learn from the experts about how welding should be undertaken correctly.

The format, which combines theory sessions in the morning with practical training on the machines in the afternoon worked very well. It highlighted the fact that good welders need to be well educated in order for them to understand the theory behind the welding practice. In my opinion, all PE pipe welders should be trained and certified to this level in order to minimize the risk of bad welds on site.

As someone who is talking to consultants, contractor and utility organizations on a regular basis about the importance of proper welding etc. I now feel more confident and can discuss the subject in greater depth having completed the SKZ training.