Third-Party Supervision

Building, infrastructure and maintenance projects require professional supervision to ensure that they are executed with a high level of quality. SKZ is an independent third party inspection body which offers experienced construction site supervision. With our help you can ensure that the goals of the project are reached and that material requirements, welding quality and accurate installation come to a perfect result.

With an inspection and test plan (ITP), our customers and clients profit particularly from our integrated and wide-ranging expertise in the supervision and inspection of projects and installation sites. We provide construction supervision services for plastic pipeline networks for drinking water supply, gas supply, wastewater disposal, sewerage, for industrial applications, tunnel and bridge drainage, seawater intake for transporting water to and from power and desalination plants and for generating green energy.

Our construction site supervision services can be complemented with comprehensive quality control services. This guarantees that the welding technicians / supervisors are trained and qualified according to the German DVGW GW330 / GW331 welding standard, the materials used and all equipment and systems are of good quality, function well and conform to the right standard. Our supervisors can also act as safety coordinators for the project − to make sure the site is a safe working place for everyone.

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SKZ - Training Center

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Third-Party Inspection (TPI)

SKZ is a type-A inspection body accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 ensuring the highest quality of production processes. Our inspection and test reports are recognized by numerous international organizations like DVGW, DIBt, DIN Certco, QPlus, AFNOR, KIWA, SVGW, DTI, VTT and many others. SKZ inspectors carry out inspection visits at the production plant of pipe and fitting manufacturers. During the audit the warehouse, the production line, the factory production control and the laboratory and measuring equipment are assessed and samples for third party testing are taken. Our customers are producers of HDPE, PE 80, PE 100, PE 100 RC, PP-R, PP-RCT, U PVC, PP-H, PP-B, multilayer pipes and corresponding fittings.

Product testing and inspection according to KTW-BWGL

SKZ inspectors with extensively national and international auditing and sampling experience carry out inspections in accordance with the KTW-BWGL. Of course, the SKZ testing lab carries out tests in accordance with the KTW-BWGL as basis for a certification. Furthermore, SKZ has applied to DAkkS (German accreditation authority) for accreditation as a certification body in accordance with the UBA recommendation on the conformity confirmation of the drinking water hygienic suitability of products.