SKZ Product Quality | Safety Thanks to Testing

Plastic products accompany us all day long and mostly for our entire life. Often the focus is on a safe operation, a high degree of practicality and a long service life. The competence of SKZ as a testing laboratory is required if for example medical devices are concerned, on which human lives depend, or if building products are to be tested, which are expected to be designed for a long service life.

The independent, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, SKZ laboratories conducts testing on plastic products according to over 1,000 standards. Usually, these testing activities go hand in hand with our quality assurance activities which are initiated by our type-A inspection body accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020.

The SKZ quality mark certifies that the products tested have successfully passed testing, inspection and certification and comply with the highest quality requirements.

When it comes to analyzing and optimizing processes, evaluating processing technologies and devices or preparing complex failure analyses, SKZ – "the German Plastics Center" is the right partner. The absolute neutrality and independence in combination with the expert knowledge accumulated for more than 50 years guarantees a competent and reliable response to all questions related to plastics.

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