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Since SKZ was founded in 1961, our mission has been to provide continuing education for engineers and professionals in the plastics industry. Our scope of service ranges from product quality, 3rd party inspection, laboratory testing, training and certification.


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Testing in the UAE.

SKZ is a global provider of laboratory testing, certification and is assuring services to many of the world’s most innovative companies. From polymeric raw material to plastic pipelines for gas, water, irrigation and sewerage networks, as well as geomembrane liners, plastic sheets or other plastic materials, SKZ ensures that tested products meet the requirements for quality, safety and performance.



Courses for HDPE pipe welding, geomembrane welding, extrusion welding and many more.

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Third Party Inspection (TPI) of HDPE pipeline construction and plastic manufacturing sites.

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DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory for the testing of plastic products.

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Certification of products from the fields of piping systems and geosynthetics.

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Expanded possibilities for pip

Plastic pipes are important components of our infrastructure. They can be found in the water supply and sanitation as well as in the sanitary sector, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and…

Material Development in 3D at SKZ

Additive manufacturing has already found its way into the industrial production of small- and medium-scale series and is becoming increasingly important. Beside the further development of the 3D prin…

Networking plastics

Quick determination of curing and the degree of cross-linking The German Plastic Center SKZ is testing the use of single-sided nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) for the determination of the degree …