Product Certification

SKZ is a certification body accredited according to DIN EN/ISO IEC 17065:2013. Our certifications help you to win new orders or to justify existing ones. SKZ certified products offer you clear advantages for gaining market share or new customers. 

The benefits of certification are clear:

  • Creating confidence in your products
  • Increasing your reputation and improving your image
  • You intensify your customer orientation at the same time
  • You create opportunities for continuous improvement
  • You make your performance targets measurable

Products which are tested according to the SKZ specifications for tests and inspection are awarded with the SKZ quality mark. The worldwide distribution of the SKZ quality mark proves the significance and success of this concept for the plastic industry, thus making us an attractive partner for foreign clients.

 The SKZ quality mark ensures that the products tested have successfully passed testing, inspection and certification and comply with the highest quality requirements.

A large number of plastic products are certified in accordance with the SKZ-own specifications for tests and inspection. As far as particular product areas are concerned, the SKZ quality mark has gained significant importance and a high degree of international market acceptance.

Some SKZ specifications for tests and inspection for pipe systems

  • SKZ HR 3.10 Pressure piping systems: pipes made of PP and fittings made of plastics or metal
  • SKZ HR 3.12 Plastic aluminum multilayer pipes
  • SKZ HR 3.28 Pressure piping systems: fiber multilayer pipes made of PP/PP-GF/PP including fittings made of plastics or metal
  • SKZ HR 3.40 Pressure pipes made of polyethylene PE 80 / PE 100
  • SKZ HR 3.42 Pressure pipes made of multilayer pipes PE 80, PE 100, PE-X
  • SKZ HR 3.53 Pressure piping systems: multilayer pipes made of polypropylene and aluminum including fittings made of plastics or metal
  • SKZ HR 10.01 Pipes made of polyethylene, PE 100-(RC)Ox, with high thermo-oxidative resistance for applications for higher temperatures and long service lives – technical requirements and test

Plastic pipes and fittings with SKZ certification

The SKZ quality mark is awarded for different pipe systems, including multilayer pipes, and materials, such as:

  • PP-H, PP-B, PP-R, PP-RCT
  • PP-R multilayer pipes
  • U PVC
  • PE-HD, PE 80, PE 100, PE 100 RC, PE-RT, PE-X

Since SKZ acts as recognized testing laboratory and inspection body for DVGW we will support you in reaching a DVGW certification for your products.

New UBA guidelines for materials in contact with drinking water

The German Environment Agency (UBA) has published new regulations with respect to materials and products in contact with drinking water that are sold on the German market. These ‘Assessment criteria for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water (KTW-BWGL)’ will officially replace the previous recommendations, known as KTW Guideline, Coating Guideline and Lubricant Guideline as from March 21, 2021.

Product testing and inspection according to KTW-BWGL

SKZ inspectors with extensively national and international auditing and sampling experience carry out inspections in accordance with the KTW-BWGL. Of course, the SKZ testing lab carries out tests in accordance with the KTW-BWGL as basis for a certification. Furthermore, SKZ has applied to DAkkS (German accreditation authority) for accreditation as a certification body in accordance with the UBA recommendation on the conformity confirmation of the drinking water hygienic suitability of products.

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